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The Green Blue’s top 5 tips for engine efficiency

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Learning how to run your boat or personal watercraft as engine efficiently as possible is kinder to the planet, and kinder to your wallet as well.


1)Following the Check – Clean – Dry method, regularly clean your boat to remove biofouling. This will reduce drag and your engine’s fuel consumption. Removing bio foul can also help minimise the spread of invasive species.


2) Using CE marked outboard engines manufactured after 2005 to increase fuel efficiency, reduce noise and decrease emissions.


3) Regularly check and service your engine. Keeping your engine up to date with fresh oil, clean spark plugs, and dust free air-filters all help to lower fuel costs and emissions.


4) If your engine needs replacing, how about considering an electric one? They have low emissions and are also very quiet on the water. Fitting sound and vibration insulators can also help with this.


5) Keep an even keel – the hull needs to be as level as possible. If it isn’t, fuel will be lost trying to push the hull up rather than along. Ensuring weight is distributed evenly on the craft will keep it level and provide more mileage per litre.


For more tips and advice on how to improve the engine efficiency of your boat, visit the Engine Efficiency page. 


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