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Pollution Control

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment, the air, soil or water, which cause adverse change. It is a global environmental threat, thus serious action should be taken to prevent any possible risks.


Pollution is a risk to human health as well as having a devastating effect on the natural environment; some pollutants are absorbed by organisms and enter the food chain, whilst others may harm species and habitats.

Pollution controls are the measures in place to prevent the potential damage to the environment from harmful substances. This includes the storage, usage and disposal of potentially hazardous materials. As a club or centre you are responsible for managing your own pollution risks as well as promoting good practice to the wider boating community on how they can control and prevent their own pollution. Pollution can occur from a number of sources at your facility including oily run-off from car parks, fuel spills near refuelling areas, toxic cleaning products used on or near the water or the scraping of antifouling.

Pollution Control:


Pollution Control:

Oil & Fuel

Pollution Control:


Pollution Control:

Cleaning & Maintenance

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