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Running a Sustainable Event

Events are often the highlight of an associations, clubs or centres’ calendar but extra boats on the water, increased visitors, increase in energy and water use and the additional waste generated all add up, taking a heavy toll on resources, society and the environment.


There are steps you can take to make all events more sustainable. All it takes is commitment and vision.


A sustainable event:


  • Conserves and restores resources
  • Honours and supports those involved
  • Adds value to the local economy
  • Educates participants, spectators, staff and volunteers about the benefits of sustainability.


By implementing some simple measures to address the environmental impacts of the event, you could make your event more attractive to potential sponsors and competitors, save money and generate positive press coverage which can add value to the events profile.


By raising awareness and setting a great example, your participants, supporters and spectators are more likely to feel engaged and in turn think about minimising their impact on the environment whilst continuing to enjoy the event.


Remember, every action counts! Any small change you can make is a step in the sustainable direction.


To support you in making your event more sustainable The Green Blue has produced the following:


  • Sustainable Events Checklist – A quick checklist on best practice to use before, during and after your event, including; Writing an Environmental Policy, Team-work and Volunteering, Awareness Raising, Waste Management, Biosecurity Measures and more.
  • Sustainable Event Toolkit – a detailed handbook that breaks down each theme and suitable actions you can take, with case studies and examples to guide you through transforming your event.


Additional Resources:

There is a lot more information available on running a sustainable event. Here are some further resources to learn more from:


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