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The Team

Kate Fortnam

Campaign Manager – The Green Blue

Kate oversees the main campaign work of The Green Blue including identifying key environmental issues, developing environmental best practice guidance, resources and awareness raising materials. She also delivers the main outreach work including talks, training workshops and events as well as developing and managing the programme’s partnerships and projects.

Olivia Wells

Sustainability Officer – Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

Olivia’s role involves coordinating The Green Blue’s annual ‘University Sailing Sustainability Challenge‘ and supports the programme’s outreach work at key boating events. In addition, Olivia works on the development and continual improvement of the RYA’s own sustainability including events, facilities, work on the sustainability strategy and building an environment management system.

James Scott-Anderson

Environment Executive – British Marine

James works on environmental issues from two main perspectives. From the legislative point of view, his role is to understand how changes may affect  the marine industry and look for amendments where needed. On the practical side, he supports marinas and boatyards with improving the environmental standard of their operations and facilities. He also identifies more sustainable products and services within the marine industry that can be promoted on The Green Blue Business Directory.

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