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Marine Businesses

Helping marine businesses reduce their impact on coastal and inland waters and promote good practice to their customers.

The UK recreational boating sector is growing steadily year by year; that means busier waterways and more pressure on coastal habitats.

It is in everyone’s interest to protect the natural environment that supports our industry and ensure that the growth of the sector is sustainable, in other words making sure that meeting the needs of the present does not compromise the needs of future generations.

Facilities &
Operations Guidance

  • Guidance to help make your operations and facilities more sustainable.
  • Environmental legal requirements  for  marine businesses.

NB: You will be diverted to the British Marine website Environment section, where you will require a British Marine member login to access certain guidance.  If your business would like to enquire into becoming a member, please visit ‘Join Us’ .


  • Marine Environmental Legal Register
  • Awareness Raising Media Toolkit
  • Environment Checklist for Centres
  • Educational Activities
  • Instructor Teaching Aids

our Campaigns

Your business can help us to spread the word, raise awareness of key environmental issues and provide good practice guidance to your customers, the boat user.

Campaigns include; Boating Wildlife Aware, Invasive Species Prevention and Antifouling -Protect, Collect and Dispose.

The Green Blue
Business Directory

Find products and services that will make your business more environmentally sustainable and help facilitate your customers in adopting good practice.

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