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Rooster® launches repair service to extend life of wetsuits, clothing, sails and more

Sponsors of The Green Blue University Sailing Sustainability Challenge (2022-23, 2023-24) Rooster®, is excited to announce the launch of “Rooster Revive,” its new repair service aimed at helping customers extend the lifespan of their wetsuits, clothing, sails, boat bags and more. With a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, Rooster® aims to educate its customers on the importance of repair and maintenance to not only reduce environmental impact but also save money in the long run.


Water sports enthusiasts invest in quality gear to enhance their experiences on the water. However, wear and tear over time can lead to damage, often resulting in the need for replacement. Recognising the need for a more sustainable approach, Rooster® now offers a comprehensive repair service under the “Rooster Revive” banner, working with partners ‘Predator Wetsuits and Drysuits’ and ‘Sandy Point Watersports’ to address common issues such as tears, holes, stitching issues, and more.


“Our mission at Rooster® has always been to provide our customers with top-notch products that enhance their enjoyment on the water” said Steve Cockerill, Founder at Rooster®. “With the launch of ‘Rooster Revive,’ we’re taking our commitment to sustainability a step further by offering a solution to prolong the life of our customers’ gear.”


In addition to minimising environmental impact, “Rooster Revive” offers significant cost savings compared to purchasing new items. By opting for repair services, customers not only save money but also contribute to reducing waste in landfills and oceans.

“We want our customers to see repair as a viable option rather than immediately resorting to buying new gear,” added Steve Cockerill. “By introducing ‘Rooster Revive’ and educating our community on the benefits of repair, we hope to foster a culture of sustainability within the water sports community.”

Rooster Revive’s repair service covers a wide range of products including wetsuits, clothing, sails, and boat bags. Customers can simply send in their damaged items to Rooster®’s repair partners, where the experienced teams at Predator Wetsuits and Drysuits and Sandy Point Watersports will assess the damage and perform expert repairs using premium-quality materials.


To learn more about “Rooster Revive” and how to submit items for repair, please visit the Rooster website.


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