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New visitor moorings to help boat users protect seagrass beds at Dale Bay, Wales

Yacht moored to visitor mooring at Dale Bay.

Three visitor moorings have been laid in Dale Bay, Milford Haven. They mark the eastern edge of a seagrass area and provide an alternative to anchoring for visiting boats to avoid damage to the seagrass.


Dale Bay Seagrass
Dale Bay Seagrass


Vessels up to 40ft and a maximum of 10 tonnes can be accommodated. A voluntary donation of £10 overnight is suggested towards their continued upkeep when the current funding from the Swansea University seagrass project ends. Day visitors are also encouraged to make a donation at their own discretion.


Approximate position of the moorings is 51° 42.55’N 005° 9.56’W which is just north of the existing private moorings area. Please also refer to the map on the right showing four yellow information buoys and the three visitor moorings in orange.

The location and management of the project has been a collaborative effort between Swansea University/Project Seagrass and the local community. The project seeks to regenerate seagrass in Dale Bay and is operated in conjunction with the Dale Seagrass Stakeholder Group, which includes the local community and statutory organisations.


Seagrass meadows have an astonishing capacity for absorbing carbon, improve water quality, provide a fantastic nursery for many forms of marine life, help improve fish stocks and help prevent coastal erosion.


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