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Water Use


It seems to rain so much in the UK, that it is difficult to see why it is so important to save water.  However despite our seemingly wet climate some parts of the UK are experiencing water shortages.


Climate change and population growth are increasing pressures on water resources in the UK. A recent Water UK report identified that we are facing longer, more frequent droughts – and will face more acute droughts in future than previously thought – right across the UK (Waterwise).


Although there is currently no legal duty to conserve water it does make environmental and financial sense not to waste it, particularly if you consider that we pay for water twice – for the supply of clean drinkable water and for the removal of waste water.



  • Install tap aerators wherever possible (reducing amount of water used by up to 80%) and watersaver shower heads which typically halve flow rates while still providing a powerful shower.
  • Use plugs in basins and fill the basin rather than use running water
  • Maintain water lines and fix any dripping taps.
  • Consider buying products which score well on the water efficiency product labelling scheme.
  • Avoid installing water appliances such as washing machines if you are not living aboard or you are only using your boat for 1-2 weeks at a time. Clean clothes at home, this will also minimise any cleaning products from entering and polluting our waters.


  • Encourage your club, marina or harbour office to install water saving devices, e.g. Trigger Nozzles, Aerated Shower Heads, Cistern Displacement Devices and rainwater harvesters.
  • Do not leave the hose running unnecessarily when filling up your water tanks or washing down your boat.
  • Report any water leaks to your club, marina or harbour office so they can fix them as soon as possible.

Why not discover energy saving tips as well to help you save money and further minimise environmental impacts.

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