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You & Your Boat

Supporting the boating community reduce their impact on coastal and inland waters

As boaters we all have a vested interest in protecting the environment where we spend our leisure time and The Green Blue is dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible advice on how to do that.

As more and more of us take to the water we risk damaging the natural environment. Whether it’s the coast or the inland waterways that float your boat, you can’t have helped but notice that the water is getting more crowded and with numbers come problems.

Nobody wants red tape and regulations and our aim is to avoid this by encouraging people to voluntarily change their habits and become more environmentally friendly every time they go boating.

For more information on how to maintain, equip and operate your boat in an environmentally friendly manner just choose a subject below.

Wildlife and Habitat Protection

Water Pollution Prevention

Waste and Recycling

Water and Energy Conservation

Engine Efficiency


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