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Clearwater Rating Ltd


A not for profit company.


Clearwater Rating addresses a need in the leisure marine market for an objective, independent assessment of the environmental credentials of a boat or superyacht.


The Clearwater Rating system has been carefully researched to take into account environmental legislation and realistically incorporated best practice. It enables a manufacturer or owner to work though clearly defined steps that examine the impact of a leisure vessel upon air and water quality, energy consumption, noise pollution, seabed, foreshore, wildlife and global resources. One of seven ratings, from Bronze through Gold, can be earned.


Whilst passionate about crafting the very best sailing holidays in the world’s top sailing grounds, Sunsail is equally passionate about ensuring it looks after our oceans, wildlife and communities.

Sunsail has three pillars of sustainability it is working towards: eradicating single use plastic; using environmentally friendly products and processes; educating customers in how to be more sustainable when sailing.

Globally, Sunsail has invested significantly in the development of its fleet, with optimised hull and engine designs for efficient high performance sailing, solar power and water makers, all helping to minimise its “yacht-print”.

By providing responsible and sustainable holidays its goal is to encourage change across the sailing industry.



Leyton is a global innovation funding consultancy. Across all sectors, businesses of all sizes rely on us to secure new revenue streams benefitting their transformation and growth.


Our specialist R&D and energy experts identify opportunities and schemes most relevant to your business to deliver maximum returns in tax credits and grant funding.


Leyton is passion about protection of the environment. Our participation in sailing and the work of our energy department which conducted the first carbon footprint analysis of a Class40 racing vessel reflects our commitment to supporting innovative environmental transition initiatives across the marine industry.

Yacht Carbon Offset Ltd.

Carbon Offset: provision of carbon offset solutions to yachts, ships, other vessels & associated businesses


  • We calculate the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the quantity & type of fuel that you specify. We can extend this to cover flights, shore power etc.
  • We allocate GHG reductions from independently verified green energy projects, to offset client’s emissions tonne for tonne. The projects are relevant to the yachting community, reflecting client’s preference for technology or location where available.
  • We issue you a personalised Yacht Carbon Offset certificate that shows exactly which fuel has been included

Our fully-documented quality management system, covering the whole service delivery process, is regularly audited by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance to ISO9001.


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