Marine CSI Challenge

What the Marine CSI Challenge?

This is an onshore educational activity for sailing clubs/centres, organisations or businesses to run themselves during open days, sailing regattas, youth events or as a session with groups of young boaters.

The activity aims to raise awareness of four key environmental issues and the good practice that boaters and sailors can adopt to help safeguard the wildlife and habitats we share our waters with.

A group of children working on the Marine CSI activity
Campaign Manager Kate Fortnam leading a children's educational activity

Marine CSI covers four environmental boating incidents that have occurred in a fictional crime scene location, known as Paradise Waters. Participants get to solve these incidents through undertaking water quality tests, fingerprint analysis and unscrambling puzzles to determine who the culprits are from a list of six suspects. 

Incidents include:

1. An oil spill on a slipway from an overturned container

2. Toxic cleaning chemicals that have entered the water
3. Introduction of several invasive non-native species e.g. Killer Shrimps and Slipper Limpets
4. Items of litter that has been found floating on the water

Who are the Suspects?

Illustrations of suspects in The Green Blue's educational activity called Marine CSI

Does Marine CSI come with equipment & instructions?

All equipment to run the activity comes in a loan box and a written and video guide is provided to demonstrate and explain how to deliver and set it up. We also provide a choice of either a mini booklet OR recording card for each participant to write their findings for each of the four incidents.

How do I book the Marine CSI Kit?

Book your free Marine CSI Challenge loan box by contacting

Young people undertaking water quality tests as part of an educational activity called Marine CSI with The Green Blue
Landscape of educational activity being run under a gazebo at a sailing event
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