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Protect the health of your crew and the environment with Wave International multi-media water filters

With many yachts used for high-quality, high-cost charters, it’s vital that guests and crew are not exposed to contaminated water which could make them unwell whilst on board. Harmful bugs often live in contaminated water taken on board from the dock, which then breed in the vessel’s onboard tanks, and guests can be exposed to these unwelcome bugs via the hotel services on board, such as showers, water used in food preparation, ice or drinking water.


Major boat manufacturers such as Sunseeker ensure they maintain pure, fresh and clean water on board at all times by using Wave International’s range of water filter systems fitted in key areas on board, such as in guests’ cabins, in the galley, in ice machines, deck showers and onboard jacuzzies.


Wave International’s water filter systems range includes Flostream for on-board drinking water, the Flostream Dock Filter for pre-cleaning of water when filling tanks and Prostream, which filters water prior to going through a watermaker protecting the reverse osmosis membrane. Wave’s multi-media filters are specifically designed to remove all types of contaminants found in water such as harmful bacteria, heavy metals and minerals such as calcium and limescale.


“In addition, the sophisticated technology in our filters removes everything from microfibres to traces of oil and other contaminants which can cause health problems and they also improve the taste of the water,” says Wave International’s managing director Paul Gullett.


Wave’s systems comprise replaceable cartridge filters which fit into different styles of housings depending on the application. The Flostream is a compact size, suitable for easy installation between the vessel’s water tanks and the taps. With its bacteriostatic control, the Flostream inhibits microbial growth, and also removes lime-scale. In addition, the filter also reduces the taste of chlorine and removes other odours, significantly improving the taste and smell of the water.


The Prostream, designed to protect the watermaker, is a 5-micron string wound cartridge which provides dual sediment and oil protection. Users simply replace the watermaker’s standard sediment-only filter to ensure full protection against any ingress of oily water.


“This protection enables boat owners to feel confident running their watermaker in any location, knowing that no oily water or other dirt or contaminants will end up in the watermaker,” says Paul.


The Prostream also removes hydrocarbons, which if not taken out by the filter, would damage the watermaker. This also enables users to draw water into the watermaker from locations such as marinas or other areas likely to be contaminated by vessel waste or oils, something which is usually not recommended without a pre-filter such as the Prostream.


For exterior use and washdown, the Waveshine filters and cleans water to prevent any spotting and smears after washing and rinsing. This enables crew to use water of any standard from the marina or dock and be confident that only clean and contaminant free water is used on the vessel it removes any hardness in water that could damage fixtures and fittings.


Wave’s range of products are available internationally direct and through its distributor network. More information about the range of products available from www.waveinternational.co.uk.


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