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Marlow Ropes introduce bio-based Dyneema® to their rope ranges

Marlow Ropes have announced that they are introducing a new ingredient to their ropes, bio-based Dyneema. This new innovation reduces Dyneema’s reliance on fossil fuels and helps Marlow achieve their sustainability and carbon footprint reduction targets.

Bio-based Dyneema® has identical technical characteristics and performance as conventional Dyneema (which is considered to be one of the strongest materials in the world) but uses waste from the pulp and timber industry as its primary raw-material.

Bio-based Dyneema® is ISCC certified as sustainable and renewable via “mass-balancing”. This means that the Ethylene feedstock used to make Dyneema® is transitioned from conventional petrochemical sources to sustainable and renewable sources with no change to the manufacturing process or the quality and performance of the yarn!

Marlow Ropes

According to Marlow, any rope made by them with Bio-based Dyneema®, directly contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and has a lower environmental impact.

Every tonne of Bio-based Dyneema® used, reduces carbon emissions by 5 tonnes compared with a tonne of conventional Dyneema®*. And the comparison with generic HMPE is even starker – 1 tonne of Bio-based Dyneema® produces 29 tonnes less CO2 than 1 tonne of generic HMPE. That is equivalent to charging 3.7m Smart phones or the same CO2 offset by 480 seedlings grown for 10 years.

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* calculated by DSM Internal Life-Cycle Assessment

Title photo credit: DSM N.V.


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