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ICOMIA to host first marine biofouling workshop at Southampton International Boat Show

ICOMIA will be hosting series of marine biofouling workshops, with the first one being held at Southampton International Boat Show 2021 on 12th September at 1:30 pm. A panel of experts will discuss the topic of “Clean hulls – essential for sustainable boating and marine biodiversity”, explaining how and why biofouling is so damaging for the marine environment and ways to prevent it.


There is a clear need to preserve aquatic biodiversity by controlling the threat from invasive species which can be transported on the underwater areas of ships and boats. Increasing water temperatures due to global warming is also increasing the risk from invasive species. The EU are reviewing their Regulations to protect sensitive aquatic ecosystems and GB is likely to follow.


Biofouling on boat hulls and on immersed areas of pleasure craft needs to be prevented to reduce the risk from invasives and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) are in the midst of drafting new guidance for ship owners and boaters to manage the threat.


The interactive panel will discuss key issues with the audience, including the work at IMO (Glofouling program), approaches to prevent fouling and actions boatowners can take to prevent translocation of invasive species on their hulls and immersed areas.


The panel of experts leading the discussion are:
William Yonge Consultant at IMO Glofouling project (Pleasure craft)
Gareth Thomas AkzoNobel /International Paint (Coatings industry)
Darren Jones Sonihull (ultrasonic systems) / Glofouling Chair
James Scott-Anderson British Marine / The Green Blue
Udo Kleinitz ICOMIA The session will be moderated by Julian Hunter (ICOMIA)


The free to attend panel at Southampton International Boat Show will take place on the Foredeck Stage at 1:30pm on Sunday 12th September.


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