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The Green Blue Business Directory

Sustainability Pledge of Products 

Typhoon International

Typhoon have always considered the environmental impact of their products & packaging processes and where possible have used sustainably sourced materials. We incorporate the use of Solvent Free Glues into the manufacture of neoprene & have a range of products which are knitted using polyester yarn made from recycled plastic bottles.


Committed to minimise single-use plastics in packaging where there is an alternative, sustainable solution, working towards a 75% reduction over the next 3 years.


Typhoon International have been innovators in providing personal protection from the elements since 1947 & are key players in the water-sports market with products specifically designed for many water-based activities.


Grosvenor Electric 

Grosvenor Yachts

With offices located at Knightsbridge in Central London and another at Falmouth in the West Country, the Grosvenor Electric division of Grosvenor Yachts specialises in the sales of both new and approved pre-owned electric and solar powered leisure yachts, cruisers, superboats and day boats up to 60m in length, and a wide variety of water based toys and towables.

For a professional and friendly approach with an excellent range, look no further. 

Let us welcome you to a new class of boating.

Green Plus Fuel Additive

Biofriendly Europe Ltd

Green Plus is a liquid fuel additive and has been proven to significantly reduce CO2, NOx, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulphur based emissions.

The product has been tested by world class labs on five continents and is now being used by many of the largest oil companies in the world in order to exceed the ever-tightening emissions regulations.

Certified by the UN ECO Label.

Sails from recycled materials

Elvstrom Sails

XRP-Cruise is our new Laminate made totally from recycled plastic and ideal for Performance Cruising.


A year ago the first recycled components for the EPEX membrane sails were launched by Elvstrom.

Citra Force

Lanogreen UK

Our Citra Force is a powerful Biodegradable non-toxic Cleaner/Degreaser with a fresh citrus fragrance and a great all round cleaner.


Safely and effectively removes chlorides that can accelerate the corrosion process.


Clean with Citra Force between coats of Antifoul during painting programs to ensure there are no trapped salts which will inevitably lead to a premature breakdown of the protection coating.

Use above and below deck for all your cleaning needs

Seaflex Mooring System

Elastic mooring system with unique dampening characteristics, minimizing peak loads for all attachment points.


Titanium Hybrid models ensures corrosion will not be an issue over time.

Environmentally friendly mooring solution due to the system never being in contact with the seabed.


For large tidal variation installations, design should be looked at specifically for the site in question.


Compatible with any anchor.

Shire Electric Outboard Motors 



The Shire range of electric outboard motors is a result of many years of extensive research, development and testing.

There are currently three models available; Shire EZ6hp, EZ10hp and EZ20hp.

These 48v outboards have a variable speed range that can be locked, making them ideal for commercial and hire-fleet applications.

The adjustable leg length from short to long shaft suits a range of vessels, and the outboard tilt lock and adjustable angle position make rigging easy.

Custom designed eco apparel and products  


OceanЯ specialise in the design and supply of sustainable active sports clothing and products.  Their products use recycled polyester made from reclaimed ocean plastic, sustainably farmed organic cotton, and incorporate innovative trims such as imitation leather made from recycled pineapple leaf.


Through their sustainable products and CSR projects, they hope to inspire and enable others to live more eco-conscious lives. From rash vest to caps and face masks, OceanЯ provides personalised branded items that take into account sustainability from sourcing materials to delivery of items.


OceanЯ is the official sponsor of The Green Blue’s annual University Sailing Sustainability Challenge.


EXCLUSIVE OFFER: 10% discount on OceanR garments for 2021 –  Contact and Quote GBBD21

Sustainable Promotional Products 

LS Branding 

We help businesses source sustainable custom branded promotional products. Our starting point is to source products that:

  • Are of higher quality that will last.
  • Where possible are manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Have a clear re-use and/or recycle policy.

It is our belief that sustainable focused branded gifts and merchandise should be the default, not an option.

Rutland Windchargers & Solar Panels

Marlec Engineering Co Ltd.

Marlec is the UK’s longest established renewable energy company, specifically working with wind and solar energy.  The company designs, develops and manufactures the Rutland range of micro wind turbines found on cruising yachts around the world since 1978. Solar panels compliment and together these technologies enable sailors to maximise use of the elements at sea to generate independent energy on board for charging batteries.

Our team have extensive experience in the marine sector gained over many years in assisting yachtsmen to introduce a suitably sized wind turbine and choose from a range of solar panels to suit life on board.

Performance Sailing Products and Apparel

Henri-Lloyd UK

At Henri-Lloyd our recycled and sustainable material choices are all verifiable.

By September 2021, 54.5% of all products will be made from sustainable sources.


Recycled Ocean Plastics MAV HL MID Series

Our current Mav Mid products are made from 100% recycled polyester. Meaning that on average, 17 1.5ltr PET bottles go into each product and have a new use on this planet.

This truly is a great mid-layer for any outdoor activity. Our sustainable and high performing Mid Zip Hood is part of the MAV HL MID series and features a high performing yet incredibly comfortable stretchy polyester fleece jersey. It is high wicking, quick drying and offers great thermal insulation. It’s a piece that you will be in danger of never taking off (we’re serious), you can use it anywhere, anytime for any activity.


Recycled Gore-Tex M-PRO BLU Series

Henri-Lloyd is proud to introduce a new Eco-Responsible choice in technical foul weather gear. The new M-PRO HL BLU Range has been made without compromise to performance with a Durable, Recycled GORE-TEX PRO face fabric, making this our most sustainable sailing product yet. Built at our very own World Class European production centre, with limited quantities available as part of our initiative to reduce our carbon footprint and not over produce, this range is the ultimate in Eco-Responsible technical foul weather gear. The design is kept clean and cohesive with timeless details, yet you’ll find every feature needed to ensure optimal functionality under demanding sailing conditions. A jacket, salopette, smock, short and dry top complete the range choice.

Waste Rover by P & D

P & D Marine Services

The P&D Waste Rover is a remote-controlled marine waste robot designed to be easily carried to a worksite, at just 70cm long x 70cm wide, and weighing only 18kg.

The Waste Rover can driven around marinas, rivers, lakes, canals by a remote operator standing on the shore, whilst it collects floating debris into the specially designed cargo net which holds up to 80L.

The collection net can also be fitted with an absorbent layer so that oil & fuel found on the surface.


Green Marine Motors Electric Propulsion System

OGH Energy Solutions

The Green Marine electric boat motor uses innovative technology to produce up to 3.5 times more torque than other motors with the same power output, while operating at a safe 48 volts. This means instant, efficient power delivery. The Green Marine electric boat motor uses innovative direct-drive technology to limit internal resistance for optimal power delivery. When compared to a standard electric boat motor, our motor produces the same power with 30% less energy usage.

Electric Propulsion Systems


ePropulsion electric marine motors provide a premium boating experience together with a quiet, clean, sustainable, eco-friendly environment for marine life.


The range includes portable and long-range electric outboards and POD drives (inboard), suitable for the smallest tender through to 50’+ yachts.


The innovative direct drive provides outstanding torque, making the motors incredibly efficient whilst using less power than traditional combustion engines.


Without gears, cooling systems or moving parts the motors are maintenance free, highly efficient and economic to run. Built in hydro-generation provides alternative recharging options whilst under sail and the powerful lithium-ion batteries are fully recyclable too.


RS Electric Boats


The ground-breaking PULSE58 is the first ever production RIB with a fully integral electric drive. Blending proven automotive electronic technology and an extremely efficient electric drive optimised hull form, with the highest level of sustainable construction. Comprising of bio-based infused epoxy resin, recycled PET core material and naturally sourced basalt and flax fibres. PULSE58 defines a new genre of motorboats, full electric drive requires a change of mindset and habits to match its capability.

These are key to protecting the future of our planet and continued enjoyment of boating in a sustainable way.

Marine Cleaning Products

Ecoworks Marine

Sustainability with Performance

Ecoworks Marine produce the most environmentally safe products, specifically for the Marine and Inland boating industry, that really work. Developed using the latest biotechnology in bacteria, enzymes and plant extracts, they clean without harm to the surface they’re used on and the full range surpasses current legislation standards.


All our products are bio-renewable, the quickest biodegradable and sustainably formulated to minimize the stress, acidity and impact on the marine environment. MARPOL approved and declared non harmful to marine flora & fauna. We offer a complete range from exterior, and interior through to engineering. All designed and produced in the UK.


Ecoworks Marine are currently offering a 10% discount on purchases of £40 or more as a Green Blue product partner. At checkout please use the code: GREENBLUE

Bio-based Epoxy Resins




A range of high-performance bio-based epoxy formulations, manufactured under license by Wessex Resins & Adhesives, utilising SUPER SAP® technology. These products can help reduce the carbon footprint of companies manufacturing finished composite parts.


Not all carbon is created equal. We replace petroleum-based carbon with renewable plant-based carbon. The raw materials in our epoxy resins and hardeners are waste products of other industrially important processes. We also adopt an environmentally focussed approach to the production of ENTROPY RESINS, limiting our waste as much as possible and carefully selecting our packaging, offering life cycle analysis from cradle to gate.

Filtration Systems

Halyard (M&I) Ltd


The main distributors for Wave International supplying technically advanced filtration systems.

Providing effective control and prevention of oily contaminated bilge water. The Wavestream bilge filters are Lloyd’s Register of shipping Type Approved and Boat Safety Scheme compliant. Wavestream provides an efficient way of managing bilge water removal without the need for holding tanks whilst still protecting the environment.

The Wavebrite waste water system provides an effective solution for real time processing of grey water eliminating the need for holding tanks. It will remove sediment, phosphates, odur and colour whilst pumping through strainers & a filter module.

Mactra Marine Equipment


Mactra Marine are the UK Distributor of a collection of environmentally friendly products ideal for those living onboard. Starting with low power draw Schenker watermakers giving 30 litres of water an hour for just 9amps @ 12V to Sunset Solar panels & Superwind Turbines which power the Schenker watermaker.


New to the range is the Enteron, the smallest certified biological sewage water treatment plant which uses enzymes to digest waste over a 24-hour period returning a clean product to the water course and the Aquonic, Certified reverse osmosis plant for drinking water from inland waterways, rivers & ponds.

Blue Ocean Dockline

Marlow Ropes


Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles is exclusive to Marlow’s Mooring Series. A first in the industry, this premium dockline is made from rPET (recycled polyester yarn).

This eco-conscious Dockline is made from recycled yarn, whilst also being recyclable at the end of its life.  Available unspliced on reels and pre-spliced in 12-16mm diameters in lengths from 6m to 12m.

The unique construction offers the same popular attributes as regular Dockline, including good abrasion resistance and shock absorption with soft and supple flexibility and zero strength loss or shrinkage. Available in black or white silver, both with a distinguishable Blue Ocean fleck.

View the Blue Ocean Sustainability Manifesto

Bio-based Dyneema®

Marlow Ropes


Bio-based Dyneema® has identical technical characteristics and performance as conventional Dyneema but uses waste from the pulp and timber industry as its primary raw-material.

The new product from DSM Dyneema® is ISCC certified, which guarantees it is sustainable and renewable, due to the “mass-balancing” process. This means that the Ethylene feedstock used to make Dyneema® is transitioned from conventional petrochemical sources (fossil fuels) to sustainable and renewable sources with no change to the manufacturing process or the quality and performance of the yarn!

Therefore, any a rope in Marlow’s standard SK78, SK99 and DM20 range, directly contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and has a lower environmental impact.

View the Blue Ocean Sustainability Manifesto

Blue Ocean® Doublebraid

Marlow Ropes

Blue Ocean® Doublebraid is Marlow Ropes’ latest addition to the eco-conscious Blue Ocean® product range which is manufactured from sustainable materials. The heat-set braid-on-braid Doublebraid is made from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles and offers industry leading strength and stretch performance.

Therefore, any a rope in Marlow’s standard SK78, SK99 and DM20 range, directly contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and has a lower environmental impact.

View the Blue Ocean Sustainability Manifesto

Micfil Ultrafine Filters 


Micfil Ultrafine Filters use 0.5 micron fibre mesh inserts for diesel, lubrication and hydraulic systems and to summarise.

  • Significant reductions in engine oil, hydraulic oil & gear oil consumption with reduced frequency of oil changes.
  • 3-5% of savings in diesel due to better filtered / quality fuel.
  • Saving of spare parts for bearing sleeves etc.
  • Saving on injectors and injector pumps.
  • Overall, less down time for the equipment.
  • Significant extension in the life of the engine.
  • 98% of all bacteria removed from bio-contaminated diesel.
  • In-line or off-line as required.


Micfil water separators eliminate 100% free water in diesel.

Electric Propulsion and Hydrogen Cell Fuel Technology

Cheetah Marine is in a partnership with EV marine to develop a 12m x 4.3m fully electric commercial and leisure catamaran. The battery technology enables quick swap out giving the system the ability to be quickly repowered from battery’s which have been charging from Solar PV or Wind Generated electricity or charged from suitable shore power.

This is currently developing technology with the aim to be commercially available in 2021.

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