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Stop The Spread!


May 2024


Invasive Species are plants and animals from other countries that have been introduced and have become established outside of their normal habitat or native country. While most non-native species cause no harm, a small number become invasive and cause damage and disruption.

The spread of invasive species is a major issue in both marine and inland waters around the world. They can disrupt our boating activities, compete with native plants and animals and can cause major changes to entire ecosystems. Invasive Species are one of the top 5 highest risks to world and UK biodiversity, and cost the UK economy over £1 billion every year.

The Green Blue is a proud participant in Invasive Species Week, an annual national event raising awareness of the problems caused by invasive species and what we can all do to help. 

A boat sailing through floating pennywort
Montage of images of invasive species
Quagga mussels growing on a propeller
You can support this campaign week in the following ways:
  1. Follow @TheGreenBlue and use #InvasiveSpeciesWeek on social media and help share our posts to increase awareness of invasive species and guidance on how recreational boaters can help prevent their spread.
  2. Request a Check Clean Dry Awareness Kit for coastal or inland venues. The kit contains outdoor A3 metal signs to display, guidance leaflets and posters to help raise awareness.
  3. Find out more about invasive species and how to ‘Stop the Spread’ by following the Check, Clean, Dry biosecurity guidance to remove them from your craft, equipment, clothing and structures:
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