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Protect, Collect and Dispose



Whilst antifoul paint, containing biocides such as copper and zinc, do a great job of keeping our hulls clean, and even have some environmental benefits such as improving fuel efficiency due to less drag from fouling and preventing the attachment and spread of invasive non-native species, they are toxic to aquatic life. Therefore as a boating community we must ensure we make more sustainable choices when it comes to selecting an antifoul coating and adopt environmental best practice when applying, removing and disposing of antifoul to minimise pollution.
A person applying antifoul paint to the hull of a boat
A rag stained with antifoul lying on a stony beach
A person removing antifoul from a boat hull

To support the boating community the British Coatings Federation (BCF), The Green Blue (Royal Yachting Association), British Marine and The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) launched the ‘Protect, Collect & Dispose’ initiative and campaign in 2019 focusing on raising awareness of and providing environmental best practice when antifouling, building on the successful, award-winning DIY Safe Antifouling programme previously launched in 2017.


 When applying and removing antifoul paint there are simple steps we can all take to:

Two people in protective gear cleaning the hull of a boat

Protect the ground under our boats – use a tarpaulin and trip trays

Collect any drips, spills and debris

Dispose of all contaminated items and paint legally into hazardous waste bins

1. Find out more about antifoul options and environmental best practice.

2.  Print and display our PCD Poster at your club, centre or marine business.

3. Request a batch of the PCD Leaflets to display and hand out.

4. Support our annual ‘Protect, Collect & Dispose’ campaign week (21-25 October 2024):

– Request a PCD Campaign Toolkit by emailing info@thegreenblue.org.uk

– Share our social media posts throughout the campaign week with fellow boaters, members and customers. 

– Post your own best practice photographs and tag us on social media using the tags indicated below.

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Use #ProtectCollectDispose

By following the initiatives environmental best practice for antifouling, we can all work together to help minimise water pollution for a cleaner and healthier environment. For further information you can visit the following advise pages for antifouling and water pollution prevention:


Protect, Collect and Dispose


Protect, Collect and Dispose


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