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Boating Wildlife Aware Week

8th – 12th June 2020


As boaters we are always delighted to encounter wildlife when out on the water or when ashore, be it dolphins riding the bow wave, a group of seals and their pups resting on a rocky outcrop, or a Heron stood majestically amongst the reeds.

Wildlife and their habitats in and around our marine and inland waters are under constant pressure from factors such as climate change, development and disturbance from human activity.

Water users and the boating industry have a duty to protect wildlife and enhance the environment.  We share the waters we use for our recreation with an amazing array of wildlife, and the presence of boats should not necessarily have to mean disturbance to them. If craft are handled with sensitivity there can be minimal or zero disturbance.


Help Raise Awareness

Support ‘Boating Wildlife Aware Week’ 8th – 12th June 2020


The Green Blue’s wildlife awareness raising week every June.

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Why not share your own knowledge of local wildlife and habitats and The Green Blue’s good practice throughout the year amongst your family, fellow boaters, clients and customers using our Awareness Raising Toolkit.

Be Informed! Adopt Good Practice

Find out how to protect our wildlife and habitats when boating by exploring our good practice guidance on:

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