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Inland Waters Code


  • Keep to speed limits.
  • Minimise wash, especially around sensitive river and lakeside habitats, other water users and moored boats.
  • Minimise noise, especially when around others and wildlife.
  • Don’t throw anything overboard.


  • Avoid damaging sensitive habitats by using designated slipways to land and launch and available moorings whenever possible.
  • Keep your boat’s bottom clean to maximise efficiency.
  • Follow best practice when handling fuels, oils, paints and blacking, and dispose of in hazardous waste bins.
  • Avoid discharging black water even in tidal areas.
  • Use environmentally friendly products onboard
  • Follow the Check, Clean, Dry guidance to prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • Observe wildlife from a distance, and avoid directly approaching if at all possible.


  • Research your destination to get the most out of your visit.
  • Plan your route taking proper account of weather, and tides when on rivers and estuaries.
  • Take relevant training to enhance your awareness, confidence and enjoyment.
  • Plan your clothing choices for bad weather
  • Make the most of the UK’s amazing inland waters whilst safeguarding their waters, wildlife and habitats!

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