Water Conservation



What is the issue?


Climate change and population growth are increasing pressures on water resources in the UK. A recent Water UK report identified that we are facing longer, more frequent droughts – and will face more acute droughts in future than previously thought – right across the UK (Waterwise).


Due to the recent dry weather conditions, some water companies have announced Temporary Usage Bans (TUBs) / hosepipe bans across regions of the UK. Some of these TUBs have rules that may affect recreational boating related activities. However, the restrictions for each area often differ between water companies, so it is advisable to check your water supplier’s website for details.



You can find general guidance on usage restrictions on the Water UK website.

Reasons to save water:


There is currently no legal duty to conserve water but it does make environmental and financial sense not to waste it.

There is legislation related to water discharge and pollution which is detailed on our advice pages for Pollution Control.


Water Conservation:

Low Cost Measures:
Higher Cost Measures:
Install rainwater harvesting systems to collect rainwater from roofs or large paved areas such as car parks. The collected water can then be used for toilet flushing or vehicle washing, boat wash down and watering plants
Reuse your grey water. Grey water recycling involves reusing wastewater from washroom basins and showers to flush toilets or water plants. In an office it will account for more than 35% of water use. Grey water from showers and hand basins is usually clean enough for flushing toilets with only basic disinfectant or microbiological treatment. Problems can arise, however, if the warm, nutrient rich grey water is stored, since it quickly deteriorates and bacteria multiply. This will also reduce the volume of sewage needing treatment. For those who pay for mains drainage, a reduction in sewerage charges may be negotiable with their sewerage authority
To find out more on how to conserve water see:

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