Best Practice Wildlife

When racing

  • When planning a race course, check to see if the area is protected or sensitive.
  • Ensure safety boat drivers are briefed on how to avoid disturbance
  • Read our guidance notes for the organisers of power boat races.
  • Brief members on how to behave around wildlife    
  • Distribute The Green Blue's Green Marine Wildlife Guide

When cruising

  • Teach students how to behave when encountering wildlife
  • Avoid stirring up the bottom unduly or disturbing vegetation
  • When going ashore, use recognised landing places
  • Pay attention to speed limits in harbours
  • Slow down if creating excess wash
  • Keep the noise down in quiet anchorages or bays or if visiting sensitive areas
  • Be aware that the noise and sight of flapping sails can disturb wildlife
  • Find out if the areas you are visiting are protected and why
  • Watch the WiSE video on how to watch wildlife responsibly
  • Keep a log of sightings and report to The Marine Conservation Society

When encountering cetaceans

  • Keep a constant speed and course
  • Move away slowly if you encounter erratic changes in speed and direction of the cetacean or lengthy periods under water
  • Refrain from calling other vessels over and leave the area if more than two vessels are present

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