Clubs and Training Centres

With over 170,000 RYA practical training courses being taken every year, it is fair to say that participation in watersports is as popular as ever. Whilst we actively want to encourage more and more people to enjoy the pleasures of being out on the water, the sheer number of participants does put pressure on the marine environment. And we may find that recreational boating activity could be more actively managed if it is found to be having an adverse effect on the environment and wildlife.

However there is plenty that clubs and training centres can do to reduce their impact and together we can help to educate members and students to be sensitive to and respectful of our waters, both coastal and inland. Clubs and training centres play an especially important role in educating the new boater as lessons learnt during their first RYA course are likely to become good habits throughout their boating life.

By working together and taking the voluntary approach we can enhance water sports enjoyment, avoid red tape and build a more sustainable sector.

The Green Blue has lots of practical advice, leaflets and teaching resources to help you make environmental improvements, enhance your green credentials and even save money – always appealing to members and Centre Managers!