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Dan Reading

Dan Reading

Sustainability Officer

So what do you actually do?

I travel all over the place, working with various stakeholders in the marine industry and visiting marinas, sailing clubs, boat builders and even Olympic Venues. My role is to help marine facilities and organisations reduce their environmental impact as well as reducing overheads.

What did you do before you joined The Green Blue?

I worked for local government helping to increase pro environmental behaviour in addition to procuring a large scale long term waste management plan.

What is the best thing about working for The Green Blue?

Meeting people who want to make a difference, passionate about their sport and getting to spend some of my time in marinas and sailing clubs.

What/where do you sail?

I mainly windsurf, but have spent a number of holidays on a lovely Drascombe Lugger in West Wales. I love being under the water too, diving and enjoy under water photography.

e dan.reading@thegreenblue.org.uk

t 02380 604242